As a company, we believe that a culture based on values, and we see this culture as an important element that will always render our success continuous in a rapidly developing sector. Our values unite us. To live each day in the light of these values is a common philosophy and it shapes our relations.

Customer Orientation

We can realize our vision and mission by only treating each other as customers. We value all our customers and strive to understand their needs.


Innovation lies on the basis of our success. We trust our ability of analyses in order to develop new methods, use opportunities, and solve problems and to get excellence.

Open to change

We are keen to learn and adapt to changes. By providing the necessary support and tools for our work, we create a positive and inspiring working environment.

Being Proactive

We identify the causes of problems before they occur; we take the necessary measures, and produce equitable solutions to prevent the recurrence of errors.


We support our employees' professional development by assuming responsibility.


Credibility is our guide. In our personal and business relationships, we always give priority to honesty, lawfulness and transparency.

Team spirit

As a team, to get success, we help each other and enjoy this spirit.